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Stop taking the blame for your bad decisions.

Create simple, beautiful A/B polls to gather super quick feedback.

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A/B test every decision: logos, clothing, designs...

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Create free A/B polls using the webapp, the Telegram chatbot (@decidrbot) or our official Android and iOS apps.

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A or B. Add two images or two text options. Done.

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Vote directly from Telegram or share your unique, private, secure poll link.

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Stop guessing what people really want. Start deciding backed up by real data.

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Meet your new personal decision assistant.

Meet Qara.

Talking to Qara is the fastest, easiest way to create questions on Decidr. It’s always with you, ready to help with your decisions without switching platforms: as a chatbot, you can ask and vote right from Telegram, where you’re already chatting with your friends and team.

Just send your options to Qara, and people will be able to vote directly right from the chat.

Everyone can answer. No need to register.

Invite people to vote via web by sharing the unique and private link by email, Whatsapp, Linkedin, or any other platform. Or just ask Qara to share your poll to any Telegram chat to allow participants to vote directly from it. Best part is – no need to set up an account. Oh, and every vote is secret. Privacy matters, you know.

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Share in any social network or messaging service with a nice preview – just use the unique link provided after creating your poll!

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Are you a real decidr? Want to get the full Decidr experience? Download the free app and edit your profile, browse public questions from the Decidr community and leave your feedback on anything. Make your vote count. Opine on others’ life choices.

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Get more decision power.

Decidr already lets you create unlimited secure polls for free. Go PRO and turn your polls into a real decision-making weapon.

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Remove the free plan answer limit, get unlimited answers in your polls.

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Because not every question should be public.

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Support the development of Decidr, an indie business run by a one-person team.

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