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About Decidr

Decidr was born to help people make decisions easier.

That's why we've put all our design knowledge and computer science skills into creating a tool that seamlessly integrates with your current workflow in any platform, to help you get the opinions of those you value the most and reduce your decision times.

Create polls in seconds and get quick answers. Use our web interface, our Telegram chatbot or our Android and iOS mobile apps to create A/B polls, vote and see results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Making polls in Decidr is super easy (and free!). You don't need any technical knowledge whatsoever. You're just a couple of clicks away from creating your first poll!

You can create a poll by any of these three different ways:

  1. Talking to Qara, our official Telegram chatbot

    Make sure you have Telegram installed in your device. Then, just open a conversation with @DecidrBot and follow the instructions.

    Make sure you send your option pictures (if any) as actual pictures, not as files. This can be done by selecting "send in a quick way" or "send with compression" (the actual option message may vary between Telegram clients but it's always implied that the picture will be sent either quick or compressed)

  2. Creating a poll through the web interface

    Go to and follow the instructions.

    Please note GIF images are not currently supported at the moment and creating a poll with GIFs may crash the application.

  3. Using the mobile app

    Download the Android app or the iOS app in your device and login or set up an account just with your email and a password.

    Then, press the center "+" button and follow the instructions.

After creating a poll (using whichever method you choose: via the Telegram bot, through the web app or using the iOS or Android mobile app), Decidr will provide you with a unique link that looks like this:

Note the link starts with an s. before This means this link is shareable, and will look nice when shared via Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Whatsapp, Telegram or any other social network:

If your link doesn't start with s., just add it to get nice link previews! ✨

If you want to share a poll on Telegram, just start typing @decidrbot in any conversation and then click the poll you want to share. This will send the poll to the chat or group and people will be able to vote directly from Telegram!

If you're under the BASIC plan, yes, as long as they have the unique link, or the poll has been shared with them via Telegram, or they can find your poll via our Android and iOS apps.

If you are on the PRO or PRO+ plan, you can choose to make your polls private, so only people you share the poll with can vote on it.

Upgrade to PRO now to get access to private polls.

Yes. Always.
By default, all your polls are public and therefore can be viewed and voted by everyone. If you upgrade to the PRO plan you can start choosing to make your polls private.
There is a few tools out there to make online forms, so what makes Decidr different?
  • Simple & quick: The average Decidr response takes about just 2.5 seconds! Answering long forms is boring, no one does it. Decidr forces you to reduce your options to just two candidates (and therefore eliminating the choice paradox, in which having more options only decreases your chances of getting an answer / a decision). Simpler is better. Simpler is quicker. A or B.
  • Design: Decidr is human-centered. This means we don't do things because others told us to, but because it improves the decision experience. Design and experience are crucial to achieve our end goal: help people make decisions easier.
  • Multiplatform: you can pretty much create questions and answer them everywhere in the digital world. In Telegram chats, with our chatbot Qara; in iOS and Android devices with our official mobile apps; in any internet-connected device through our web interface.
  • No need to sign up or download an app to vote: our goal is to help you make decisions easier and quicker. And thus, we want the decision experience to be as open as possible. No one likes going through a sign up process or download an app just to vote on a poll.
  • Secure & private: your votes always remain secret, even to the poll creator. Plus, all data transfers between any user and Decidr's servers are protected and encrypted with the highest security standards (HSTS, TLS 1.2, ECDHE_RSA P256, AES128). On top of that, we don’t allow third parties to access your data.
The free BASIC plan is limited to 100 poll responses per user per month. This has be proven to be more than enough to get to know Decidr and create simple polls. If you'd like to become a PRO and remove this limitation to get the full power out of your decisions, upgrade to a paid plan now and you'll get unlimited responses.


Your votes always remain secret, even to the poll creator. Plus, all data transfers between any user and Decidr's servers are protected and encrypted with the highest security standards (HSTS, TLS 1.2, ECDHE_RSA P256, AES128). On top of that, we don’t allow third parties to access your data.

You can use Decidr for pretty much any decision in your life!

We've found that Decidr is specially useful in these cases:

  • If you're a graphic designer: Use Decidr to share and choose different design options (example: present a client with two logo options and let their whole team vote on the best one)
  • Makers: When you're building things, you're always making decisions. Let your target users decide on which design, which color or which landing page they like the best before even launching anything. Share the link on Twitter, Linedin or Whatsapp groups and get instant feedback.
  • Departments, work groups: Having a work group chat in Telegram can get noisy, specially if you ask for opinions on something. Say you're in a marketing department and one of you want to get feedback from the group to choose between two merchandise t-shirt designs. Instead of losing the original message in a long pointless discussion, you can just send a Decidr poll, vote directly from the chat and see results update in real time!
  • Everyday decisions: should I wear the blue or the red t-shirt? Does this fit me? Where should I go next: London or Marrakesh? Share and decide!


If you have any feedback, suggestion or question we're happy to help!

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